How to Save Money During Economic Distress

If you’re like most people during an economic slump, checking your bank account for your balance is a pretty stressful experience. I used to be in the same boat as you until I made a few changes to my lifestyle.
First of all, you need to figure out what you can do without and cut back on. I’ll give you a list of what I cut back on and show you the money I saved.
I smoked a pack a day and I bought each pack for around $5.35 and up! I decided to stop smoking and if you add up $5.35 per day at 365 days per year, I’m saving almost $1,953 per year! Not only are there great health benefits if you stop smoking, but when is the last time you couldn’t use an extra $1900 in you account?
Fast Food
I used to eat a lot of fast food. Cooking at home seemed like such a hassle, but my wife and I have decided to cook more often, rather than hit the local restaurant. Anyway, I work out of town a lot, so eating at home isn’t always an option. I pack my lunches now and it saves a lot of money. Sometimes I would spend $4 on a meal and sometimes I would spend $12 on a meal. I ate all types of food from different places and I kept all my receipts for my job, so I was able to determine that I had an average meal expense of about $7.50 per meal. This will be a different price for you, but this should give you an example of how much I’m saving now. Five days per week, three times per day I would spend an average of $7.50 eating. Multiply that by 5 days and that number by 52 weeks, and we get a whopping $5,850!!
If I make my meals for the day and take them with me, I cut the price in half! That’s another savings of $2,925 per year.
Eating Out
I’m only in town for 5 days a week. I’m almost never home, so when I am home, I spend as much time with my family as I can and we tend to eat at a ‘sit-down’ restaurant for almost every meal. On average, we were spending over $100 per week eating out! That’s $400 per month, which adds up to over $4,800 per year! We reduced that amount to $50 per week instead of our usual $100. That’s an annual savings of over $2,400!
Cell Phone
Now, I know most of you can’t live without your cell phone. I use mine to work, so I know what you mean. But consider reducing your plan. Do you really need unlimited talk, text and web access? I was spending $350 per month on my phone and my wife’s phone. We both took reduced plans and lowered our monthly payment to just under $200. That means we’re saving $150 per month, which adds up to $1,800 per year! You should contact your service provider and see how many minutes you use, text messages you send and web data you use to determine if a reduced plan is right for you. Many of us get unlimited plans ‘just in case’ or for whatever reason, but if you’re not using it, why pay a massive fee for it? If you’ve already reduced you plan and you’re still spending too much, consider a ‘pre-paid’ cell phone. Many different providers offer unlimited talk, text and web from $40-$65 per month! Imagine the savings with that!
A Budget
After you’ve made your saving arrangements, you need to sit down and make a budget for your home. If you get paid every week, make a weekly budget. If you get paid bi-weekly or once a month, make a budget for every other week or for the month. When you make a budget, you need to add every expense you can and don’t leave anything out. You need a budget for your bills, groceries, and other expenses. When you go grocery shopping, take a calculator and add up every item you get. You’ll know once you hit your limit and you can take a few things out if you still need essential items. Don’t stray from your budget! This is a huge mistake. Eating at that restaurant after your ‘eating out fund’ is empty and buying clothes after your ‘extra expenses fund’ is empty can add up to BIG expenses over the course of the year. If you need more money in a certain category, take it out of the money you were going to save and add it to the budget, so that next time you have the cash.

The Conclusion
Now, let’s add up all my savings and see how much money I’ll save per year.
$1,953 – Stop Smoking
$2,925 – Bag lunch instead of fast food
$2,400 – reduced family eat-out budget
$1,800 – reduced cell phone plans
WOW!! I’m saving over $9,078 per year!! Look at that! I had $9,000 of extra cash and I didn’t even know it. That type of money could help you with utility bills, car payments, debt and so much more! My wife and I have started using the money to upgrade our home. New TV’s, exercise machines, furniture, painting the house, electronics, and so much more! There’s an extra $9,000 in our budget and we’re finally able to do all the things we never thought we had the money for.
Yes, there are plenty of other ways to save money, but with just the few listed above, we’ve saved thousands and you can do the same. Whatever you reason to save, you can do it and you don’t have to turn your life upside down to do it either.

For tips about saving money, please leave a comment and any advice available will be given. Thank you for reading.

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Alabama Open Carry in 2011 ~ Largest Event in History

CBS42 News Video Coming Soon!! CBS42 Link Below at bottom of page!

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Below is a copy of the complaint I filed against Officer Bradford of the Moulton, Alabama Police Department. Afterwards, there is an audio file of the Chief of Police, Lyndon McWhorter, then Mayor Ray Alexander. You will see the corruption!

I, Timothy Brand, am filing this complaint of police retaliation against Officer Bradford of the Moulton, Alabama Police Department. On the date of, November 4, 2010, I was working as a private investigator in the city of Moulton. In the morning hours, I was approached by Officer Bradford, who questioned me regarding my presence at an apartment complex. I informed him that I was an investigator working on an insurance claim. Officer Bradford made several comments regarding insurance fraud, then departed from the area without incident. As requested by Officer Bradford, I departed from the apartment complex and parked at a Burger King restaurant down the street. Later in the day, my subject departed from the area at a high rate of speed and I initiated mobile surveillance. I was pulled over by Officer Terry for speeding. I informed him of my purpose for speeding and politely disputed the rate of speed Officer Terry claimed I had been traveling. I accepted my ticket and departed from the area without incident. I called the City of Moulton Police Department and left 2-3 messages for the police chief, as I wanted to discuss the speed I was accused of traveling. Approximately six hours later, I was sitting in a Burger King parking lot when Officer Bradford used his vehicle as a barricade and blocked my vehicle in the parking lot. He approached my vehicle with a noticeable attitude and began to question me regarding the speeding ticket I had received earlier in the day. He made several statements, which include, but are not limited to: “I don’t care who you are, police, fire department, or private investigator, you don’t go that fast out here. We give tickets to anyone going that speed.” and “Who do you think you are giving my officers a hard time over a ticket?” and “I hear you called and wanted to speak to the chief. What gives you the right to call and question an officer’s authority.”
After making several other inappropriate comments, Officer Bradford asked to see my license. I asked if he was referring to my driver’s license. He said he wanted to see my “private investigators license”. I informed him that Alabama did not have an “Alabama Private Investigator License” because it does not exist and all I had was a Georgia License. Officer Bradford leaned further into my vehicle, and stated, “Wrong! You have to have a license for Alabama, a license for Lawrence County, and a license for the city of Moulton. Now do you want to go to City Hall and get one (a license), or do I have to take you to jail?” I tried to explain to Officer Bradford that he was thinking of a Business License and the company I work for is licensed in the state of Alabama, and since I was merely working in the area and not establishing a permanent business location in the City of Moulton, a license was not required for the city. Officer Bradford restated that I had the option of following him to the City Hall and paying for a license, or he would take me to jail.
In an effort to deescalate the situation, I agreed to follow Officer Bradford to City Hall. Before we departed from the area in route to City Hall, I was told to “Pay for the license, or come back and pay it, but don’t let me catch you working out here again without it.” After arriving at City Hall, I was directed to the license office, where I was given an “Alabama Business License Application” and told to document my annual earnings on the application. I informed the woman at the desk that I was an hourly employee and did not have access to the company’s financial information. I was told to fill out the application and bring it back. At this time, I departed from the area.

This is a shining example of police retaliation. Officer Bradford did not have the right to detain, question, threaten, and harass me regarding a speeding ticket which he did not have a hand in issuing. Officer Bradford violated my civil rights during this encounter. I was given a speeding ticket for speeding and a court date in case I preferred to dispute the claim. That is how our legal system works and Officer Bradford circumvented that system by harassing me and violating my rights. I would like for this problem to be resolved in a timely manner and dealt with properly. Thank you.

Phone Conversation with the Chief is Below:

Phone Conversation with the Mayor is Below and my response is at the end of the video.

My retaliation to this corruption:

So tell me. What do you think? I tried to handle the situation properly and they blew me off and blamed me for the mistakes of others. People I do not even know. What would you do? This is still an on-going topic, as I am still trying to get closure from this ordeal.

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OpenCarryAlabama ~ Youtube Videos

There are many more videos on my youtube account! There are so many different topics, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you. Visit me at

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Gay man killed in car wreck

LOL That’s not news! WTF?!?

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Visit to the Hospital ~ Baby on the way

Early this morning my wife and I arrived at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. My wife was put into labor after a few tests were performed to see if the baby was able to be born today. Well, he was and we have been here ever since. There are four other people here sitting in the room as we wait for her to dilate to 10. It’s been nearly 12 hours and we’re only at 5 so we’re getting a little worried. She is currently taking a nap while we all listen to her snore, which I made a video of by the way. I hope we get our little baby soon. Wish us luck everyone.

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Man paid traffic ticket with 25,000 Pennies

The city of Moulton, Alabama issued a speeding ticket to Timothy Brand, 22, for $250. Apparently, Mr. Brand didn’t feel like this price was fair, so he went to the bank and obtained 500 rolls of pennies. That’s 25,000 American coins! He was forced to write his name, full address, and phone number on every single roll before the accepted them coins as payment. See the video by clicking the links below.

1 ~

2 ~

or visit the profile to view all of the videos at

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Surveillance in Rural Areas

This is the worst type of case. Farm land everywhere and you can’t sit on the subjects house. He has a huge white truck! Oh wait… So does everyone else out here. You’ll spend your time chasing trucks down the road just to realize that its the wrong tag. You have to go back and wait some more. I hate these cases. To make things worse, there is more than one exit and all the exits lead to the same place. I need another investigator for this case, but I can’t get one at the snap of a twig and I will be here tomorrow as well. These are the cases everyone hates, unless you’re lazy and look at your day as time for a long nap. (don’t do that.) This is the type of case where you need luck on your side because without it, you’re in for a long, boring, and useless day without much progress on the case. City cases with lots of free parking… Those are great!

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The Neighborhood

I was in a neighborhood where I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why until I took a closer look. Midgets ran free without a leash. Mexicans were growing from the ground like little refried bean flowers. The birds had the face of Chevy Chase as they flew through the air. There was a group of cannibal indians cooking KKK leaders over a camp fire, and the worst part of it all, up was east and down was white. I was so scared! I grabbed a hold of a giant flying turtle and he dropped me off at the subway near normal town.

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Morning Rain

There’s nothing more peaceful than a rain storm early in the morning. The sound of the rain on the roof of your house or on the windshield of your car. Something about it is just so relaxing. The sun isn’t shining yet and its just so mysterious.

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